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Miguel Ignacio Estrada


He has a degree in Information Systems for Organizations from the University of Buenos Aires (Argentina). He is finishing a Masters in Communications for Organizations at Universidad Austral (Argentina).

He was the National Director of Internet Policy and Development at the Modernisation Ministry of Argentina and previously acted as the Communications Manager for .AR ccTLD. He has worked for companies like IBM and HP.

He is a member of the IGF Multistakeholder Advisory Committee and he is a former member of the IGF Argentina Steering Committee. He is an ICANN Fellow.

We do

Brand strategy

Brand strategy + transmedia communication


Any research adventure and technological innovation is something we want to explore.

Friendly information

Animations, infographics, visualizations.

Technology for Smart Cities

Technological support in competivity, governance, human development and urban planning

Web sites and web based systems

Design + UX + Programming


Apps for social networks
Facebook + Twitter + LinkedIn
Apps for mobile

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